Japanese Food & Japanese Style Hotel
HOTEL FAMILLE WAKATA ♪Easy access to both Hakuba-Iwatake, and Happou Ridge skiing slope♪ 日本語ページ

FAMILLE,creating smile all over and quite at-home atmosphere.
  Soon after you step in to the house, you will find
  welcome smile within the Large yet quite comfortable
  lounge. Group guests of all kinds are also welcome
  To this lodge.

A supper example
Taste best of both juice and noodles. Self conceited dishes of “buckwheat noodles” specially made by hand at our home.

   Dishes of this house, are prepare with home-made rice
   and vegetables. They are most popular among our
   customers. Also buckwheat noodles, hand-made by the
   owner, has a special touch, never tasted elsewhere.
Quite close to“Hakuba-shionomichi” hot springs.

   Three hot spring spots are located within only 2 minutes drive from here.
   Famous spa of “Kurashitano yu” is one. Another spa is called
   “Hakuba-Shionomichi”, known as making your skin soft and smooth,
   also keeping you ever warm with effect of material called as “Taran-teragy.
   In this spa, matured salt water are used for creating special effect.

Lodge FAMILLE WAKATA : Iwatake, Hakuba-mura, Kita-azumi-gun, Nagano-ken : Tel.0261-72-2201 Fax. 0261-72-7201